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Desert Tracker (19 Day) 2017-18

<p>Channel your inner Attenborough on this memorable and enlightening exploration of southern and western Africa, from Cape Town to Livingstone. Criss-cross through a myriad of diverse landscapes, from Namibia's rugged desert to Botswana's mighty Okavango Delta and Livingstone's famous Falls, and create memories worthy of a Pinterest board. Your unforgettable African safari starts: NOW.</p>


Day 1 : Cape Town, South Africa to Western Cape Citrus Area

Bust out the chic safari attire &ndash; our overland adventure begins in cosmopolitan Cape Town. Overlooked by Table Mountain and bordered by the Atlantic, Cape Town is one of the world's most picturesque cities. Before we leave, we take a tour of the Cape Flats, one of the city&rsquo;s intriguing townships, where we visit some of the local people and community projects in the area. After, we head north through South Africa's Western Cape and through the fruit-growing regions of Citrusdal to our campsite near the Olifants River. Settling in to our campsite, we&rsquo;ll get properly acquainted with the rest of the group, indulge in the option to sample some of the local wines of the region, and enjoy our first night under the huge African sky.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Cape Town township tour<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Wine tasting

Day 2 : Western Cape Citrus Area to Gariep (Orange) River

Continuing north, the landscape gradually turns drier and rockier as we head towards the Namibian border. We set up camp tonight on the South African side of the Gariep (Orange) River, which makes for a stunning backdrop. Our site provides you with the necessary comforts like hot showers, flush toilets, grassy floors and even a bar (hello, sundowners!). Take the option to explore the Gariep (Orange) River on a canoe safari, take a dip in the safe swimming waters, or hike to the lookout above the campsite. The camp by night is illuminated by the stars of the Richtersveld, making for a wonderfully tranquil experience.<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 3 : Gariep (Orange) River to Fish River Canyon, Namibia

This morning we take an optional canoe safari on the river (if we didn&rsquo;t get the chance the previous evening) or simply relax on the water&rsquo;s edge, before entering Namibia via Vooilsdrift Border post and arriving at the awesome Fish River Canyon by mid-afternoon. One of the natural wonders of Africa, the canyon is some 500 metres deep and over 160 kilometres long, and considered the second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon. Prep your camera lens for amazing photos this afternoon, especially when the sun begins to set over the sharp bend in the river known as &lsquo;Hell&rsquo;s Corner&rsquo;. Trust us, it&rsquo;s friendly than its name implies. <br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Canoe safari

Day 4 : Fish River Canyon to Namib Naukluft National Park

After a night near the canyon we continue north until we reach Sesriem, the gateway to the Namib Naukluft National Park, containing the world&rsquo;s oldest and highest desert sand dunes. The Namib-Naukluft National Park contains part of the Namib Desert and the Naukluft mountain range. With an overall area of 49,768 square kilometres, it&rsquo;s larger than Switzerland, is the second largest game park in Africa and the fourth largest in the world. Here we set up camp for the evening under the starry Namibian sky.<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 5 : Namib Naukluft National Park to Solitaire

This morning we enter the National Park to trek to the top of famous Dune 45 and marvel at the majestic open desert. A spectacular sight but be warned, it&rsquo;s an energy sapping climb to the top as some dunes are over 300 metres high! After a well-deserved breakfast, we continue deeper into the park for an optional nature walk in Sossusvlei, amidst Namibia&rsquo;s unspoilt natural environment. Be sure to bring your camera &ndash; the shifting colours of the desert as the sun climbs throughout the morning offer some brilliant photo opportunities. Departing from the dunes, we make our way to Solitaire and our accommodation for the night.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Dune 45 &amp; Sossusvlei shuttle &amp; guided walk<br /> -Sesriem Canyon<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 6 : Solitaire to Swakopmund

Leaving Solitaire, we head for the Atlantic coast for two nights, crossing over the Tropic of Capricorn, and stopping for a photo opportunity en route. Swakopmund makes for a refreshing change with cooler Atlantic sea air, a taste of civilisation and a swathe of exciting adventure options.<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Sandboarding<br /> -Quad biking<br /> -Skydiving<br /> -Deep sea fishing<br /> -Scenic flights<br /> -Swakopmund township tour

Day 7 : Swakopmund

A small town redolent of Namibia's colonial past but with modern adventure oriented attractions for the visitor, Swakopmund is Namibia's main seaside resort, sandwiched neatly between the desert and the ocean &ndash; a delightful coastal oasis. Try some desert-based optional activities, such as quad biking, sand boarding, skydiving (weather permitting) and more. For those not that way inclined, peruse the town&rsquo;s many shops, restaurants, museums and art galleries &ndash; or simply stroll along the promenade admiring the ocean.<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Sandboarding<br /> -Quad biking<br /> -Skydiving<br /> -Deep sea fishing<br /> -Scenic flights<br /> -Swakopmund township tour

Day 8 : Swakopmund to Spitzkoppe

Leaving the coast we turn inland to the beautiful Damaraland region and stop at Spitzkoppe to admire ancient bushman paintings still visible on peculiar rock formations. The rock formations peak at approximately 2000 metres above sea level and form a spectacular view, with one of the most impressive being the 'Bushman Paradise'. Take your time to explore the area and enjoy its delightful calmness and keep an eye on the ever changing colour of the rocks, especially during sunrise and sunset. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Spitzkoppe Bushman paintings<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 9 : Spitzkoppe to Etosha National Park

We make our way north to Etosha National Park, a vast reserve of over 20,000 square kilometres surrounding a central salt depression or &lsquo;pan&rsquo;. The pan is seasonally full of water but specially managed waterholes sustain some 114 mammal and 340 bird species. Pitching our tents near a floodlit waterhole, we embark on a short afternoon game drive upon arrival. As dusk falls, keep your eyes peeled for a range of nocturnal visitors including elephant, giraffe, zebra, hyena and even lion, making it one of the most memorable wildlife encounters in Namibia.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Etosha National Park game drive <br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 10 : Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is the ultimate definition of the perfect game-viewing destination. Picture this: a barren landscape teeming with neon flamingos and pelicans and surrounded by nothing but native bush, grasslands, scrubland and saline lakes. Trust us, you'll be in awe of this magical spot. Today we dive straight into the heart of Etosha National Park and enjoy a full day game drive, keeping a keen watch for more of the local residents.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Etosha National Park game drive <br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 11 : Etosha National Park to Windhoek

Departing epic Etosha, we head south to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, which is located in a basin between the Khomas Highland, Auas and Eros Mountains. Windhoek is home to approximately two hundred thousand people &ndash; an extremely small capital by global standards. The city centre is characterised by a proliferation of German-style buildings, a lasting reminder of Namibia's early colonial history and atmosphere. Take the opportunity to enjoy a night out at one of the local restaurants or visit the famous 'Joe&rsquo;s Beer House'.<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 12 : Windhoek to Ghanzi, Botswana

Leaving Windhoek we travel west into the Kalahari region and cross into Botswana. Our first stop is at the town of Ghanzi. Here, in the midst of this (seemingly) barren terrain we meet the San Bushman and embark on a guided bush walk. Discover how the fascinating locals harness nature and manage the resources around them to their maximum, without damaging the fragile balance found in this ecosystem. Your support of this ecotourism venture gives the San Bushman a sustainable income and helps keep their culture alive. Around the campfire, marvel at the ancient dance rituals of the San Bushman as they demonstrate a healing or trance dance, which can be an intensely spiritual experience for both participants and visitors alike.<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Kalahari Bushman walk<br /> <br /> Meals:<br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Traditional dancing

Day 13 : Ghanzi to Maun

Gateway to the Okavango Delta, Maun is the fifth largest town in Botswana and is an eclectic mix of modern buildings and native huts. Since Maun's founding in 1915 it has had a reputation as a hard-living, wild-west sort of town, built to supply local cattle ranching and hunting operations. Today, Maun is a thriving tourist hub and is particularly infamous for its influx of donkeys (and to a lesser extent, goats), which are used by local traders and farmers alike to transport their wares to sell on the roadside.<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 14 : Maun to Okavango Delta

Leaving the campsite in Maun we begin our excursion into the Okavango Delta by an open 4x4 truck to the mokoro station, where we'll be introduced to the local Tswana Polers who will be guiding us on the expedition. We travel by mokoro (dugout canoe) amongst the giant lily pads, tall grasses and labyrinthine channels in search of hippo, crocodile and a variety of bird to our island tented camp, before exploring the area on a walking safari. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Okavango Delta excursion with mokoro/walking safari<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 15 : Okavango Delta to Maun

Leaving the Okavango Delta, we begin an easy-paced mokoro ride back to the station, then back to Maun. Spend the rest of the time here on your own watch, taking in the natural scenery from camp, or by setting out on a number of optional activities. <br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Okavango Delta excursion with mokoro <br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 16 : Maun to Elephant Sands

Next up, we roll onto Elephant Sands &ndash; a bush lodge and campsite in the northeast part of Botswana where majestic elephants meander at the natural waterhole right in front of the lodge. As there are no fences, the wildlife roams freely from one waterhole to the next so expect to see any number of species during your stay. Observing wild elephants at such close proximity will easily be one of the most amazing experiences you&rsquo;ll have in Africa. <br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Morning bush walk <br /> -Evening game drive

Day 17 : Elephant Sands to Chobe National Park

Today we make our way to Kasane in the northeast corner of Botswana and the gateway to the wonderful Chobe National Park. By size, Chobe is the third largest game park in the country and home to the largest diversity of wildlife, including elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo and abundance of birdlife &ndash; the most famous of the latter being the African Fish Eagle. We take our own &lsquo;Fish Eagle&rsquo; cruise on the Chobe River, which is a great opportunity to see hippo and, perhaps elephant or buffalo, coming to the river to bathe and drink. Cameras, at the ready!<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Fish eagle boat cruise<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> -Lunch<br /> -Dinner

Day 18 : Chobe National Park to Livingstone, Zambia

Moving on from Kasane we take the ferry across the confluence of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers into Zambia. The Zambezi River is the fourth longest in Africa (after the Nile, Congo and Niger) and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean. Home to one of the world's largest waterfalls, we visit Victoria Falls and try to take in the immensity of one of nature's Wonders of the World. At various times of year, the spray from the Falls can be seen from up to 20 or 30 kilometres away, hence the local name 'Mosi au Tunya' &ndash; the 'smoke that thunders'. Hint: pack a raincoat to protect your precious camera equipment!<br /> <br /> Included today:<br /> -Chobe National Park game drive<br /> -Mosi oa Tunya - Victoria Falls <br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast<br /> <br /> Optional activities:<br /> -Victoria Falls Bungee <br /> -Mosi oa Tunya National Park game walk <br /> -Chief Mukumi Village tour<br /> -Gorge Swing<br /> -Zambezi jetboating <br /> -Half day canoe safari <br /> -Zambezi Sunset Cruise<br /> -White Water Rafting <br /> -Helicopter<br /> -Fishing<br /> -Bridge tour<br /> -Full Day Abseil

Day 19 : Livingstone

Make the most of the breathtaking barren landscapes and diverse wildlife in front of you this morning, before your African adventure comes to an end. If you&rsquo;re keen to stay on longer (and honestly, who wouldn&rsquo;t?) your trusty guide can help you sort out post-trip accommodation to enjoy even more of Africa's adventure capital.<br /> <br /> Meals: <br /> -Breakfast

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