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Stoke Rolling Circus - The Whole Tour


There are many tours in Europe, and we love them! But they can be a little bland… That’s why we put together The Rolling Circus, Europe’s very first events tour. Where your trip isn’t just about seeing the sights and sampling the culinary delights, but involves a giant party in every city we go to.



Rolling in on the 27th of August and rolling out on the 30th of August. Welcome to the city that never sleeps but sometimes passes out…

Saturday 27th August:
Arrive in Barna just in time for some tapas for dinner. That night go hard or home at the best pool party club in Barcelona: L’Atlantida. (Optional extra: 20€ entrance fee to the club with a free drink).
Sunday 28th August:
Start the day with a free walking tour in the Gothic area and get lost in all the nooks and crannies that are Barcelona. Hit up the vintage shops and get yourself a party shirt for tonight’s Stoke Afloat – our very own barbecue boat party! Optional extra 40€ – includes dinner and drinks! And if the open seas ain’t your bag soak up some culture at a flamenco show (optional extra 14€ with a free drink). And them jump on the free club entry on the beach.
Monday 29th August:
Kick the day off with our optional bike tour with Good Barcelona (optional extra 22€). They will share all sorts of Barcelonian wisdom and perhaps a beer or ten with you. Then you have free time to chill at the beach, or just wander and soak up the beauty and madness that is Barcelona. And for those still chasing down Gaudi sites, Park Guell has a great view of the city! Las night has the Rolling Circus Party and again free club entry so you can dance your way out of Barcelona in Style.


Rolling in on the 30th of August and rolling out on the 2nd of September

Tuesday 30th August:
We set forth this morning for Valencia Indulge in the madness by becoming part of the world’s biggest spaghetti bolognaise!
Arrive at the campsite some time during the day. We’ll check you in, check you out, give you a few beers then leave you to stumble around the campsite drunk until you find someone to make out with. Good luck.
Then later that night we head to a wee small town for the Water and Wine fight. You can watch a fake bull fight first then adventure into the streets to get soaked. Stoked.
Wednesday 31st August:
Bright and early wake up call with a cooked breakfast and a Bloody Mary before you stock up on sangria and load up the buses to La Tomatina! You throw tomatoes, we throw tomatoes, everyone throws tomatoes, then back to camp we go. Then we have an afternoon to hit the beach over the road and recover from the tomato stench. By eve, we will have our second gig right there in the campsite and then we’ll hit the official La Tomatina afterparty.

San Sebastian

Rolling in on 1st of September and rolling out on 4th of September Eat, surf, drink, sleep and then do it all over again in Stoke’s slice of surf paradise…

Thursday 1st September:
Early start for a long drive, sleep your way to San Seb, settle your hostel and then prepare for a tastebud explosion with the best pintxos you have ever seen. Ox cheek at Borda Berri’s and a Jimmy at Pinudi’s. What could be better?
Friday 2nd September:
Kick off the day with a free walking tour and enjoy a day of exploration! Enjoy some free time then meet back up for a climb up Monte Urgull for a picnic at sunset and some cheeky selfies with Jesus.
Saturday 3rd September:
Time to meet our studly surf instructors who’ll get you on your feet in no time (and on your backs too if you’re that way inclined) with your included surf lessons for the morning.
Keep up your surf skills for the afternoon or why not head to a local vineyard to sample the finest brews that Basque country has to offer (optional extra 12€). And then we party the night away at the clubs in town for our end of summer party!


Rolling in on 4th of September and rolling out on 6th of September. See if you can keep up with the big kids at France’s elite surf beach…

Sunday 4th September:
Across the border in to France we go arriving just in time for lunch! We’ll pair up into tents (everyone has to PITCH IN. Ha ha. Get it?) and then head to the beach to chill. Or hang out in the hammocks, or play yaself some bocce (French bowls) and prepare yourself for the night ahead!
At nightfall get stuck into the free flowing punch, enjoy a freebie dinner and head off for gig night.
Monday 5th September:
All sorts of action: hit the surf and show off the skills you learned in San Seb because you’re basically a pro now right? Hire a scooter, head to the adrenaline park or grab a free bike and head for a ride. Then crack a few beers, chill out and have dinner on us!


Rolling in on the 6th of September, rolling out on the 9th of September. Tearing it up in the city of love and lights…

Tuesday 6th September:
Off for the big city life and we arrive in time to get settled before heading for dinner in the Latin Quarter (not included) and explore Paris by night. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower perhaps?
Wednesday 7th September:
Bright and early start to cram all the goodness that is Paris kicking off with your walking tour at 10am ending with a local wine and cheese picnic under the Eiffel Tower.
Spend the rest of the day exploring the Montmartre district and seeing sites like the Sacre Couer and Moulin Rouge.
Thursday 8th September:
Creep yourself out exploring Paris’ abandoned catacombs and railways (optional – not for pussies), and head to Père Lachaise Cemetery – the final resting place of a crazy amount of the world’s best ever people but most notably Jim Morrison.
And then it’s the Rolling Circus Party – yup it’s gig night again!


Rolling in on the 9th of September, rolling out on the 12th of September. Prepare yourself for some serious Amsterdamage…

Friday 9th September:
We say au revoir to belle Paris and head to Holland for hash and ho’s. What else would we do tonight, lets get comfy and find ourselves a weed cafe and settle in for an evening of new highs and no lows
Saturday 10th September:
The walking tour starts off our morning and then the rest of the day is free time, so run free little kiddies and do whatever your heart desires. Anne Frank, hire a bike, check out the condomerie and meet back up for the Ultimate Pub Crawl in the evening (optional extra – ends in a club after 5 bars with free shots…assuming you make it that far)
Sunday 11th September:
Another day of free time and for those of you who aren’t still caught in the weed café vortex of day one, let’s head out, hire a boat, play in the canal and admire Amsterdam’s good looks from the water. And for our last night we head to a Jazz club for party night. Circus style.


Rolling in on the 12th of September, rolling out on the 15th of September A magical land of beer, sex shows and clubs you scumbags have 0% chance of getting into…

Monday 12th September:
Arriving just in time for some beer and wieners. It’s off to Hofbräuhaus we go! Tuesday 13th September:
A guided graffiti tour and workshop (optional extra 15€) is the perfect way to see alternative Berlin. And if you’re not up for the whole tour then we are off to check out the eastside gallery and Cool Runnings bar for a beverage afterwards.
For the afternoon the Badeschiff is a cool swimming pool which floats on a river and the only place to be before hitting the club scene.
Wednesday 14th September:
Time to take in the historical sites with your walking tour and the not-so-historical sites with spooky weird abandoned things: we’ll be exploring Berlin’s abandoned theme park, Olympic village and ghost stations.. Because who doesn’t love spooky weird abandoned things?
Or as an optional extra and not for the easily emotional take a tour of nearby Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (15€). And we roll out of town tomorrow after our party tonight!


Rolling in on the 15th September, rolling out on the 18th of September Put Jagerbombs with goulash and shit’s bound to get weird…

Thursday 15th September:
Mid afternoon arrival means we have time to explore the old town and end ourselves at the beer museum to taste test 20 different beers from lager to blueberry (included).
Friday 16th September:
A day of sightseeing and wandering to wherever takes your fancy, or head off to Aquapalace – the biggest waterpark in Europe! Then tonight we’ll jump on the party bus and go make our mark on the John Lennon wall before joining this evening’s pub crawl (optional)
Saturday 17th September:
Head out of town today and check out the bone chapel or if that is too spooky for you, explore Prague’s spooky abandoned Jewish cemetery. And then we are off to check out Riegrovy Sady – a beautiful park and beer garden – before the circus party kicks off tonight.


Rolling in on the 18th of September and rolling out on the 21st of September… Home to the craziest party hostels in all of Europe…
Sunday 18th September:
We arrive into Retox, put on our costumes (circus themed of course) and join the 4 hostels in a massive dress-up party at the stock-exchange bar for beer pong, karaoke and buckets of drinks.
Monday 19th September:
Why not go caving? This optional extra is epic and not to be missed (approx. 20€) and afterwards check out the city’s famous Hero Square baths and soak away your hangover or rest your muscles after squeezing though the caves. Then the Rolling Circus gig kicks off at Retox itself before the Ruins Pubs pub crawl.
Tuesday 20th September:
Time for a well earned sleep-in followed by your walking tour of all things Budapest with the Alice in Wonderland themed teahouse and Michael Jackson Memorial Tree amongst the sights. Then tonight we jump on the biggest boat party, which includes free champagne! Winning.


Rolling in on the 21st of September The madness comes to an end at Stoke’s festival within a festival…
Wednesday 21st September:
OKTOBERFEST! We get ourselves checked into our shared tents – so buddy up for maximum anti-chill cuddling. We then let our freak flags fly with other random weirdos and party up a storm at the Stoketoberfest campsite or head to the halls for multiple steins.
Thursday 22nd September:
Early early early we rise to head to the beer halls. Spend the day with steins, pretzels, oompah bands and the best company in the world at the one, the only, Oktoberfest! Then stumble back to camp once the halls close and party up a storm at Stoke’s festival within a festival
Friday 23rd September:
Some of you circus freaks will be leaving us today :( but if you’re sticking around and are sick of beer (really?), why not explore Munich on a free walking tour, or take a bus to the magical Disney castle in the nearby countryside? Tonight we’ll have our final gig to close out the circus.
Saturday 24th September:
Oktoberfest all day until Stoketoberfest at night. Tentertainment and love in a hopeless place.

This is what every tour needs. Think about it! Visit Paris, see the sights, devour frogs legs, and put on a beret. But then what? Get VIP access to a one-of-a-kind party and learn what it really means to French kiss.

And we’re not just taking you down to the local boozer to create Instagram snaps. Oh no, we’re taking you to a tits and balls out rage, featuring international bands, variety performers, local people partying…and it’s all yours!

Literally. Because on the Rolling Circus we give you a backstage pass with the opportunity to be a part of the event. This means that, if you choose to, you can promote the show and save money on this already inexpensive tour.

The Rolling Circus is a hop on, crawl off, tour, meaning that you can join the fun for as long, or little, as you like. Though chances are that once you’ve had a taste you’ll want to keep going for as long as possible.


What are the key ingredients to a successful and fun tour?
Cool spots, unique sights, great experiences, and entertaining guides.

Well, you’ve played your cards right because we’ve weaved some magic to give you a guide with a knack for sleight of hand until he gets slightly out of hand. The Rolling Circus ringmaster.
The one. The only. Reuben!

For your musical amusement and musings of magical mystery that this trip will bring you, our DJ and head tour promoter who will be putting bums in seats and pumping beats, here you have Jono!

Now to your destinations:

Barcelona – ever gotten drunk from the milk of a panther?
Valencia – ever indulged in a food fight of epic proportions?
San Sebastian – ever gnawed on the cheek of an ox while beer-bonging Basque cider?
Moliets – ever surfed the perfect wave while wearing a beret and stick-on moustache?
Paris – ever pissed on Jim Morrison’s grave?
Amsterdam – ever eaten a brownie so good the world suddenly seemed a happier place?
Berlin – ever chilled on a beach in the middle of a city?
Prague – ever lashed a ghoul?
Budapest – ever bought a party shirt in the print of a Rubik’s cube?
Munich – ever drunk litre beers with 36,000 lederhosen-clad resellers?

Some meals are included
Discounted drinks
Massive parties in every city
Guides and walking tours everywhere we go
The most fun you can have on two legs

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